Sunday, 4 November 2012

Polite robbers in Barnet

Barnet and Whetstone Press: Shopper bought scarf from robber holding up store

Good to see that being a criminal is no barrier to providing good customer service

Cheers to Dave for finding this

Cathedral-licking wierdo comes to Ely

Cambridge News: Man aims to lick all cathedrals in UK - and says Ely tastes good

Ta to Richard for sending this in

Pie throwing wierdo in Burnley

Burnley Express: Man with Hallowe’en pumpkin in pie attack on woman

Top marks to the paper for correctly punctuating "Hallowe'en", good to see that level of pride in their work.

Thanks to Karen for sending that in

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Morecombe wierdness

"Silly string attack on boy carrying owl"

Awesomely bizarre story from The Visitor, Morecombe's weirdly-named local newspaper. Thanks to Monsieur Scaryduck for reminding of this; it's fair to say he's very much the inspiration for this blog (ie I nicked an idea he'd not got round to using yet). Tweet contributions to me on that twitter thing